Veggera Hotel, Santorini

Santorini spa... feeling your own pulse

Spa Treatments

Pampering the body with a spa treatment and massage therapy is an experience worth allowing yourself to indulge in, whenever you have the chance. Now, things can skyrocket when visiting an idyllic location like Santorini and having a reinvigorating session at a Santorini spa.

And, if this feels like a dream, wait until you can take all this utmost delight to the beach. Indeed, a Santorini spa experience can even be an option for Veggera Hotel guests, who can enjoy private and customized spa treatments and massages delivered by experienced professionals in a specially designed area on the beautiful Perissa beach.

Taking a nosedive into outstanding levels of pampering

Picture this. Lying on a comfortable massage bed amidst an airy tent with light gauze curtains letting the bracing breeze of the Aegean Sea enter the space and infuse it with unique rejuvenation. Time to let go and close your eyes. Let the utterly gratifying experience take you to wherever your body, mind, and soul finds its peace and centre as aromas of lavender, avocado, and orange swirl in the air. Within a few minutes, your skin feels grateful for the generous pinches of virgin olive oil and silk that spread on your neck, feet, back, or another selected area of your body and the chosen skin treatment.

The only requirement on your side is to pick the dreamy option(s) from the list of offered massage therapies and spa treatments and surrender to the healing, empowering, and refreshing powers delivered by natural ingredients known for restoring a feeling of vigour and youth. 

Feeling your Own Pulse

Listen to your body. What does it really need the day you decide to soak up some warm rays of the glorious Greek sun? A softer, more radiant, and deeply moisturized skin with the healing properties of aloe vera, Cretan avocado, and other miraculous compounds Mother Earth so abundantly provides across the Greek mainland and islands? A massage that will shed off any tension, stress, anxiety, and soreness from every muscle of the body? Perhaps a striking combination of both to look and feel dashing from head to toe?

And if you’ll be spoiling yourself with a massage, will it be a back, neck, scalp, deep tissue, anti-stress or foot massage to improve blood micro-circulation and relieve from accumulated stress and water retention? If all these are not enough, you can even opt for a more profoundly exhilarating spa ritual or tailor-made massage routine that addresses your specific needs and desires.

And, if an Aphrodite and Apollo experience sounds intriguing, wait until you dive into the full experience! Be warned, though. If you are not ready to cope with the unprecedented burst of emotions, senses, and feelings of healthiness and revitalization that’ll explode during and after your Santorini spa adventure, you should give your body and mind a few moments to adjust to the new levels of wellness about to be introduced to you.

Pleasing the Body, Mind, and Spirit with Beach Spa Treatments

In this fantastic journey to regain your vitality and energy levels with a Santorini spa treatment, you have a loyal companion that works towards enabling you to live an all-around experience. In doing so, it’s paramount that you answer the following question: “Do you want the standard Santorini spa experience or something entirely different?”.

If you lean towards the latter option, then Veggera Hotel is the only one of all Perissa Santorini hotels that offers exquisite on-the-beach spa treatments, signature therapies, and massage therapies from highly-skilled professionals working under the umbrella of a world-class spa brand. This allows our guests to bring some spark back into their life with their partner (or feed the fire!) as they enjoy their seaside adventures and, at the same time, savour a bespoke, 360o rejuvenation of their body and soul in a designated and private beach area.

Can’t get any better than this, right? For a detailed list of the spa treatments and massage therapies provided, please ask the assistance of the Veggera Hotel front desk staff, so you select the option that best suits the type of experience and rejuvenation you seek.