Covid-19 Update

Veggera Hotel, considering the health and safety of its customers and staff, prioritizes its operation, taking into account the new safety measures and hygiene protocols from the World Health Organization and the Greek Authorities.

Update of actions of any additional measure to be announced by the Greek Authorities.

Before arrival

Our guests are kindly requested to visit our website and to read the precautionary protection measures against Covid-19 applied in the accommodation and let us know about any special needs or preferences.

On arrival

We are excited to welcome you to the hotel.
The check in will be online.
Read, complete, and sign the health policy and safety protocol and the health declaration form.
The check-out takes place at 11:00 and the check in at 15:00 so that there is the necessary time for cleaning and disinfecting your room.

Entrance station

Upon arrival and at any time you enter the hotel, please stop at the disinfecting station:
1. Disinfect your hands
2. Wear your mask while in public places

FOR THE SECURITY OF ALL please note that each time you enter the hotel and the common areas you will be asked to stop at the disinfecting station.

Cleaning and disinfection form

The Cleaning and Disinfecting Form states the time, date, name, and signature of the person who cleaned and disinfected your room, following the strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols. After the indicative time, no one could enter the room.
After entering your room, the receptionist will call you in case you need more information or have preferences about your stay.

Towel and linen policy

You will find two complete sets of towels in your room. If you need more towels, or want to change your towels, please let us know by phone. Please put your towels in a special bag that you will find in your room and leave it outside your door. You will find the towels and other things you may need outside your door. Thank you for the cooperation.

For the period of your stay

Please let us know the exact days you wish to clean and disinfect your room. According to the Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols, you are kindly requested to leave the room free for at least 5 hours to complete the process. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Transportation service

For the transport services we inform you that our vehicles are decontaminated after the transfer of each customer.
According to health records, the number of passengers transported by each vehicle is predetermined.
Public spaces
If you want to use the common dining areas (restaurant, bar, swimming pool) you will find the rules of operation posted on the billboards

Accommodation Completion

Please contact our reception by phone to arrange your bill for the extra charges for your stay (eg extra meals, breakfast, drinks, snacks or services of any kind that have not been paid during check-in) , which could be paid by card, electronic banking or cash. The receipt will be sent to you electronically.
Confirm that you have left your key.
We highly respect the privacy of our visitors and personal data will be strictly adhered to for health and safety reasons.


Preventive protection measures by Covid-19 for the entire accommodation and its individual sections.

Reception area

Antiseptic stations for frequent hand disinfection
Adjust the reception area and add marks to keep the safety distances.
The check-out will take place until 11.00 and the check in is transferred at 15:00
Simple and fast online check in
Send bills, invoices, and receipts electronically

Disinfection - Cleanliness

All outdoor and indoor spaces and the objects inside them are disinfected daily at regular intervals according to the circular of the Ministry of Health.
Observance of hygiene rules by the staff during the cleaning and sorting of dirty linen using M.A.P.


All workers are thermometered on daily basis and are required to maintain safety distances.
The use of M.A.P. protective equipment depending on the department it is mandatory.


Limit in hotel capacity.
Non-basic items such as menus, magazines, brochures, laundry bags, bathrobes, decorative pillows, kettles, glasses are removed from the rooms.
Installing a disposable slide on the TV and air conditioner controls.
Room cleanliness during accommodation and daily change of clothing and towels only at the request of the guest
Certified cleaning and disinfecting products as well as steam cleaners are used to clean the rooms and objects inside them.
The rooms are ventilated, cleaned, and thoroughly disinfected after customers departure. Adequate natural ventilation of the space is followed.


Reduce capacity to keep safety distances
Disinfection of the hands is mandatory when entering the restaurant and breakfast area.
The tables are covered with disposable tablecloths
Where possible, orders and payments are made with intact transaction

Swimming pools

The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of pools and hydromassage areas is increased and disinfectants are used suitable for all stages.
Location of umbrellas at a greater distance from those specified.

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