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Let's hop on an amazing Santorini boat trip!

Cruise Trips

Walking through the narrow, picture-perfect, cobblestone streets of Santorini and gazing at the glistering Aegean Sea spreading below your feet is, without a doubt, a spellbinding experience. In fact, it is so heart-warming and fulfilling that one could hardly imagine that there’s a way to amplify this adventure.

Now sit back and shut your eyes. Can you envision the most glorious and mind-blowing sunset ever seen by human eyes being presented right in front of you? Picture a yacht gently sailing the calm sea just before the sun slides behind the horizon. You found it. A sailing tour is the next best thing to do to rejuvenate your senses and live unique moments with your loved one or family when holidaymaking in Santorini.

Choosing the Perfect Santorini Cruise

Luckily, there are plenty of Santorini sailing tours to choose from, with most Santorini boat trips offering private and semi-private sailing options. This means that you can hop on an elegant schooner, yacht, charter or catamaran (crewed or not) and see everything from a different perspective – one that combines the natural beauty of the volcanic island and its marvelous coastline with pristine views of the archipelago.

While onboard your yacht, you’ll feel part of the blessings that surround us, and become one with landscapes that epitomize grandeur and wonder. From the imposing Caldera and its soaring cliffs and rugged terrain to enchanting Santorini boat trips around the island, one thing is for sure – nothing can prepare you for the greatness and majesty you are about to enter into with a cruise exploration.

So, depending on your preferences and mood of the day, you could opt for shorter Santorini sailing tours around the Santorini volcano and the volcanic islands that sit on its laps, and complement your endeavor with panoramas of idyllic Oia village, which waives from above the picturesque Ammoudi port.

Or, join a longer round trip cruise and admire some of the most captivating spots away from the bustling villages and the masses that swarm the alleys of the island.

The majority of Santorini boat trips depart from Vlychada port, which is a short drive from one of the highest rated Perissa Santorini hotels – Veggera Hotel. This enables you to see the stunning Perissa Beach, as well as the charming White Beach, from the open sea adorned by the impressive Black Mountain and its raw natural appeal and magnetism. A bit further down the coastline are scenic coves, remote volcanic beaches, and isolated caves hiding in plain sight, waiting to offer you memorable ventures.

Matchless Experiences

The colours along the way are absolutely fantastic, be it day or around sunset. However, an evening cruise will allow you to watch a unique spectacle, as the island transforms when playful shades of reds, oranges, and pinks caress the whitewashed buildings and hide behind the blue-domes chapels. In essence, you’ll witness magic unfolding before you.

What you do with this magic is totally up to you. And, trust us, this is the hardest part of all Santorini boat tours. You could pamper yourself with refreshing dives to the crystalline waters or try snorkeling or even diving and subject yourself to the utmost allures of the aquatic universe surrounding Santorini and its underwater caves, volcanic cliffs, and walls that are home to numerous schools of fish! Perhaps, you would rather sink in the appeal of the moment with a delicious BBQ meal and a palate-pleasing cocktail in hand (or choose both!).

In any case, a private or semi-private Santorini cruise is an adventure worth experiencing – you’ll soon find out more than enough reasons why! If you want any assistance with booking a boat tour, please refer to the Veggera Hotel reception for more details and cruise trip bookings.