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Beach Experience

While soaking up all that tranquility and sense of calm and rejuvenation exuded from every volcanic speck of sand on this gorgeous beach and its idyllic natural landscape, one can’t help but think that Mother Nature has done an exceptional job with this scenic spot.

Indeed, Perissa Beach is where you want to go to watch the waves lapping while filling every single molecule in your body with the refreshing air that gently blows straight from the glistering Aegean Sea and its captivating magnificence. And as your neurons are working overtime to process and make some sense of all the unparalleled beauty around you, Perissa beach offers exceptional and heart-warming experiences for you and your loved one(s).

Submerge in Absolute Swimming and Sunbathing Indulgence

Imagine a unique, sun-drenched shore covered with black volcanic sand that welcomes sun worshipers with heart-stopping seascapes. This is precisely where you can freely sit back at a Veggera Hotel-offered lounger and take all this amazing grandeur in, little by little, while having snacks and beverages of all kinds, from juices, coffees, and refreshments, to milkshakes, cocktails, and the best champagne labels served directly to your loungers straight from the outdoor Veggera cafe! Instilled with utmost romance, you can count on seaside experiences at Perissa filled with indelible moments!

And, if you have decided to share this splendour with your family, the inviting waters are more than dreamy for the little ones. Let them play by the water, splatter, snorkel, or swim in the calm, azure sea without worrying about things like seabeds with sudden jumps in depth. Everything here provides a smooth endeavour, including the active recreation of both children and adults alike.

It should also be noted that Perissa Beach is one of the very few shores in Santorini offering infrastructure for disabled individuals, who can dive into the revitalising waters with a special moving chair on the northern end of the shore.

Pampering Yourself with Spa Treatments & Beach Massage

Nothing feels more invigorating than a massage, especially when paired with exceptional spa treatments. What can beat that is being able to combine them with on-the-beach experiences. Wish granted. At Perissa Beach, you can actually luxuriate in a spa treatment and relaxing foot massage or a deep massage of any part of your body that could benefit from tension and stress-releasing massage treatments. In a specially designed area right on the shore that provides privacy and superb views of the shimmering Mediterranean Sea, let yourself drift in the aromas of orange, lavender, avocando, and other natural ingredients from Mother Earth across Greece – your body and skin will thank you for it.

Whether alone or shared with a loved one, you can now close your eyes and hear nothing but the gentle waves splashing against the sandy shore as your body enters a deep relaxation mode and flushes off anxiety, toxins, and retained fluid. We should warn you, though. Be prepared for an unprecedented spike of all senses when tailor-made treatments and massages give you a taste of what being an ancient Greek god felt like. Wellness at its finest for sure.

Skimming the Waves with Jet Skiing

It’s not only the beach itself that impresses with its natural beauty and the fact that it sometimes even takes a sand-like form. The crystalline Aegean Sea is equally a gorgeous spectacle that can be enjoyed with water sports like jet skiing. The beach offers water sports facilities so you can have exciting driving fun on Perissa and even nearby Perivolos beach, along or in pairs! Along the way, Santorini will blow your mind with the picturesque spots adorning Perissa shore, including both the underwater cosmos and the striking views of the archipelago, the Santorini inland, and awe-inspiring Mount Mesa Vouno soaring over the beach!

Veggera Hotel, Santorini
Veggera Hotel, Santorini

Riding Funtubes and See Who Holds on the Most!

There is not a single chance one can have a moment of boredom at Perissa black sandy beach! For those wanting to boost their adventures while bathing with the glorious rays of the Mediterarnean sun, the crazy Funtubes rides are ideal. Take your partner or children, hop on the Squab, Crazy Ufo, and Crazy Jobe funtubes, and hold on tight as the air cushions give a fascinating spin to your days and fun-o-metre at Perissa Beach!

Time to Get a Bird’s Eye View With Parasailing

Become one with the sunny skies and feel a dazzling sense of freedom from up to 400 metres above sea level. The views you’ll get from that height are definitely sublime and impossible to forget even after many years have passed.

If you want to give yourself a unique gift, then a parasailing tour will fulfill your desire for beach fun and soul-pleasing panoramas of the sea and the Santorini coastline, especially around sunset! Now, that’s something worth experiencing even once while visiting Santorini and staying at one of the most exclusive Perissa Santorini hotels – Veggera Hotel.

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Veggera Hotel, Santorini

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